Client Comments

We had Linda come into our new warehouse after we had finished moving over all of our inventory from our old warehouse. Needless to say, we were lacking in the organization department. We knew we needed help and we decided to bring someone in who knew about dissecting chaos. After a day an a half, our new warehouse was a more efficient and highly manageable workspace and we have Linda to thank for it. Check our the pictures. It really looks great!

Randall Pinson
President / Rocket Auctions, Inc.

Linda Isom was extremely helpful! She taught me how to throw things away. We filled 4 large trash bags! I was very proud of myself. I have filled another trash bag since and 4 bags for D.I. Thank you, I was very pleased with you! Thanks again.

-B. Anderson
Washington Terrace, UT

Linda gave me hope that my mess of paper work was not an impossible task, and presented a plan to break through the mountain of papers. I feel she helped lift my spirit and attitude toward the chore ahead of me. Linda also worked around my schedule and illness (at times I was unable to keep appointments made in advance). I didn't just receive a service, I feel I gained a friend. 

-Tina Marie Bovine
Salt Lake City, UT

Linda was wonderful. She came into my mess and I didn't feel judged at all...I was very comfortable with her. We worked for 4 hours and she was very patient with me and helped me make decisions when I was running out of energy. I would definitely recommend her to anyone.

-C. Stout
Centerville, UT

When I called Linda I was desperate. I have 8 children and no time and had really let things get out of control!

The first place I wanted to tackle was my mudroom. I have 6 lockers for backpacks, shoes, snow clothes, coats, hats, helmets, etc... and 10 people living in the house I was considering moving or adding on to my house because I didn’t believe there was a workable solution to get all the stuff I needed in that space.

Boy was I wrong! Linda came in and now I have 10 people organized and functioning beautifully in the same space I thought had no hope. It has effortlessly stayed organized for almost 3 months now. I am now a believer!We moved on to the toy room, the kids rooms, and even my husbands stuff and now life is GOOD! A few organizational tricks and things stay put."

Thank you Linda!
~S. Hardy
Warren, UT

"I want to thank Linda so much for helping me organize my den, and all my paper mess! The experience was so enjoyable, she truly has a gift for helping people.

Working with Linda gave me confidence that I could learn a few steps to keep my home (and my mind) free of clutter. She is so insightful and creative!

I would like to thank Linda for taking the time to understand what system would work for me and my family, and then teaching me to apply what she was telling me. I can't wait for her to come create "magic" in my kitchen!"

Lots of gratitude,
~C. Eldredge, Layton, UT

"I am so delighted with all that Linda was able to help me organize. It is true, she is the Queen of Paper. I was so overwhelmed with my home, but, Linda was able to come in and get me started, then with her guidance, and encouragement, I was able to tackle the whole house. I cannot thank her enough for all of her help. I would eagerly recommend her to anyone that needs that initial nudge to get things going. She is just simply the BEST!!!"

C. Taylor
 Syracuse, UT.

"When I finally located Linda to help me, I was overwhelmed. Circumstances had brought me to a point where I was unable to dig myself out of the stacks of "junk" throughout my whole house. The task was daunting and still is...

I have an appointment at least every other week with Linda to try and put my house back in order. We spend 8 hours a day together and time flies, we're having so much fun.

Thank you Linda, for all you've done to get me through one of the worse times of my life! I don't think I could have done it without you!"

Sandy, UT
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