Wife and Mom happily living in ORGANIZED CHAOS!


Linda Isom started her organizing journey 14 years ago when health challenges left her completely dependent on other people to run her house and care for her child while she recuperated. Riddled with embarrassment of the state she left her house for someone else, she set out to organize her home in a way that anyone could walk in and find what they needed with very little effort. After spending a year streamlining her home, others started to take notice. She laughed this off until one day she watched the HGTV program called Mission Organization. She knew professional organizing was the job for her.

In 2005 Linda trained with Clear and Simple© , and in 2007 with Organizing Enterprise©. Linda also offered her services for free in 2005-06 in order to sharpen her organizing skills before taking on paying clients.

In 2007, her company was born. Linda went on to be a successful television personality, teacher, and speaker. She absolutely loved her job. Fast forward to May of 2012 when in a 28 day time span her family DOUBLED in size. Now a proud mother of 4 (including twins), Linda has a new perspective on organizing and life in general.  

Linda has worked with houses large and small and all around the Wasatch Front. She also prides herself in helping businesses achieve their bottom line. Linda strives hard to help her clients keep organization simple and easy to maintain.

Linda specializes in the following areas:

  • Home Organization
  • Home Office / Paper 
  • Space Planning (Using Feng Shui Principals)
  • Small Business 
  • Home Staging
  • Corporate Clients & Productivity Seminars
  • ADD / ADHD Clients
  • Public Speaking Paper & Home Organization Classes)
  • Moving / Relocation
  • Your Vital Documents/ Estate Planning
  • Virtual Organizing
  • Webinars Coming Soon!
  • Podcasts Coming Soon!

Linda studied Interior Design and Technical Sales at Weber State University and has first-rate skills when it comes to detail, color, texture, and style. She also learned very good public relation and speaking skills in her Technical Sales classes.

Linda has been a frequent guest on local and national television, and a regular contributor to local area newspapers and magazines. Member of the ® National Association of Professional Organizers (NAPO), The  NAPO Salt Lake CIF of Professional Organizers and © Clear & SIMPLE, certified,

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