Monday, January 2, 2012

Tiny little tips to de-clutter and organize your house in record time; Tip 5: Organizing your plastic containers

HAPPY NEW YEAR!! Day 5 of "Tiny little tips to de-clutter and organize your house in record time" Day 5: Organize and Pair Down your Plastic Containers. Those pesky plastic food storage containers! Who isn’t guilty of accumulating far more than they actually ever use? Here are a few tips to keep this monster at bay:
  • Save the one’s you use the most and that have a good lid that fits on the container.
  • Discard the Rest. Unless you have a definite use for them or  you have a way to re-purpose or recycle the them, it’s time to say goodbye.. Throw away discolored or otherwise damaged containers that have missing lids.
  • Invest. If you have a mismatch of containers that don’t stack well, consider investing in a set. Buy just a few sizes small, medium, large, so that all of your containers take up the smallest amount of space in your cabinet.
  • Contain the Containers. Organize the containers by size on an assigned shelf. Use an inexpensive Ice Chest container or small dish rack to hold lids or store them upright by size. 
  I LOVE comments!  Share with our readers your solution for this pesky problem! Happy Monday!

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