Monday, January 9, 2012

5 Home Organizing Tips for the New Year (As seen on 2News this Morning)

Welcome once again 2 News This Morning Viewers! Great to have you stop by.  Here are the tips from this morning. Click on the link below to watch the segment.

Calendar it: Get a new calendar and transfer over all birthdays, anniversaries and other important events. Don’t forget to add appointments that you have already scheduled for this year. Color-code each event by category using highlighters in different colors so that you can see what’s coming up at a glance. Purchase a calendar wall hanger and hang up your calendar for daily viewing.

Make a File, Shred a Pile: Start getting your files and records in order. Make a list of what you need to do to update or revamp your filing system. Don’t forget to purge what you don’t need and move other documents, like taxes to long-term storage. Now is a great time to filter through the bills and receipts of the past year and shred them to make room for new records.

Make a List and Check It Twice: Make a Christmas card mailing list. Put each name and address into Word’s label feature (under tools, letters/mailings, envelopes/labels) so that next year you can save time by printing out address labels.
 Delegate:  Assign different cleaning and organizing tasks to family members or roommates (or even for yourself), so there is a little goal every day to keep the home clean.
Make organization part of your life: Do a little every day. Don’t save all of the cleaning for one monumental spring cleaning spree in early April. Schedule a time for organizing in your daily routine, such as after the kids get home from school. Just 10 minutes a day can make that disorganized home seem “so last year. The slow and steady win the organizing race.

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Bella Holmes said...

Organizing and cleaning our home is very important especially during new year. This is the great time to start to become organized and clean the whole year.

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