Thursday, July 21, 2011

Tiny little tips around the house that speed up housework: A Laundry Hamper in every room

This is the final tip for on little ways to speed up housework.

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Again, this might be a no brainier to some of you and an Ah, ha,  to others.  Having a laundry hamper in every bedroom is essential when it comes to keeping up with the clutter. Some find it neccessary for each family member to have a laundry hamper even if some are sharing rooms.

Following through with putting dirty clothes in the hamper with your kids, significant other, and yourself is another must.  When it's time to do a load of laundry at my house, I have everyone bring in their hamper to laundry room, sort the dirty clothes into appropriate color piles and then return the hamper to their rooms.  There should be no excuse to have clothes on the floor of rooms when there is a hamper to put the dirty clothes in and hangers to hang up clean clothes. Again,  Enforcement is the hardest thing.  If your children know you are going to follow through with a consequence if dirty laundry is not put in the proper place, then a laundry hamper in each room can be your best friend!

Happy Thursday!

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Tiny little tips around the house that speed up housework: Cleaning supplies in every bathroom


Happy Tuesday!  Continuing with our bathroom theme, I suggest you keep a caddy or bucket of bathroom cleaners under each sink in all of your bathrooms.or wherever there is a place for them in each bathroom in your home.  I have 3 bathrooms on different levels in my house and this saves me a lot of time so I don't have to drag around cleaners to every bathroom on each level.  It's also nice to have a toilet brush in each bathroom too.  Toilet brush holders have also come a long way and you easy find affordable brush holders in stainless steal and every color you can imagine.

The cleaners come in handy for little messes in-between your weekly deep cleaning of bathrooms. They are also great to have around if you are a mother of young children that need to be watched while in the bathtub.  Mom's can use this time to clean the toilet, sink, counter tops & mirrors while keeping an eye on your little ones.

Yes there is extra cost to compile these products for each bathroom initially, however,  it all evens out over time and saves you so much time and energy in the long run.

Some of the other extra items I keep in every bathroom are:

  • Extra bar and liquid  soap
  • Tissue Paper
  • Shampoo
  • And the no-brainier essential, Toilet Paper
We will wrap up our tiny tips in the next post.  Coming up in the next few days.........Remodeling or choosing new cabinets for your new house?  Before you choose how they look, it's essential to make sure they also function too.  I'll have some great tips on questions to ask yourself and your cabinet contractor before you have them installed.

Have a fantastic rest of the day!

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Tiny little tips around the house that speed up housework: Disinfecting Wipes in Every Bathroom

                                                    Image result for cleaning wipes clipart

Although this may not be the complete "Eco-Friendly" way to go, it sure saves a lot of headaches for Moms.  For years people have asked my how I keep my bathrooms always smelling fresh and clean, the secret is simple;  I wipe down the counters, toilet seat, wipe out the sink, polish chrome fixtures and anything else that may need a quick freshening up with disinfecting wipes. If being environmentally friendly is important to you, a clean cloth and some Eco-friendly spray cleaner under each sink in your bathrooms will do just fine as well.

I try to do this once a day in the morning or the evening and it's a quick and easy thing to do when company shows up unexpectedly.  This of course does NOT replace weekly deep cleaning but the fresh smell can cover a multitude of sins!  Happy Organizing. Enjoy the weekend!

Organizer Hint: Before your guests come over after you wipe off the counter tops and toilet, empty the waste baskets in your bathrooms and polish the chrome.  Several more easy ways to make your bathrooms sparkle when people use them!

Friday, July 15, 2011

Tiny little tips around the house that speed up housework: Puting extra garbage bags in the bottom of your wastebaskets.

It's amazing sometimes how busy things get!  My apologies for the hiatus in posting!  I have a few more tiny tips I think you'll love so here goes.....

 Adding extra bags to the bottom of your wastebasket is a great way to save time and keep things sanitary.  You simply just put 5 to 10 extra bags in the wastebasket underneath the current bag you are using for garbage.  You'll be amazed how much time this saves and how much they come in handy.

You never know when those unexpected messes happen in the bathrooms, family room, or heaven forbid, someones bedroom!  Extra bags make a big difference!

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Tiny little tips around the house that speed up housework: A wastebasket in every room

 Image result for wastebasket clipart

For some of you this may be a "No duh."  But for the rest of you all, I promise this will make a HUGE difference in the cleanliness of your home.  It's so worth it!

I have a waste basket in every room in my house with the exception of the Front Room. That room is rarely used unlike the rest of the rooms in my house.  This means the rest of the rooms have a place for a the garbage that accumulates in each space.

Wastebasket's have come a long way (as you can see with the photo above) in the past few years.  You literally can find one to fit in virtually any decor.

So get to it and have some fun!  You'll find that this little tip makes a big difference when you implement it into your home. Happy Wednesday!

Friday, July 1, 2011

Tiny Little Tips that speed up the Housework: Labeling your computer and other electronic wires.

This is a HUGE timesaver when you are trying to isolate a problem with one of the cords connected to the back of your computer, television, gaming system, etc.

I used my P-Touch Labeler to make my labels but the less expensive sticker labels and your handwriting will do. Even a piece of cream colored masking tape would do the trick.
This has saved me many a time when I need to unplug just one thing in the spaghetti bowl of wires attached to the back my electronics.  

Yes it takes about a ½ hour to identify and label all the cords, but it is well worth it!

One thing to note:  I label the chords two places.  I label right where the cord goes into the back of the computer or electronic and I add a label at the other end of the cord by the plug.  That way, no matter what needs to be temporarily removed on either end of the cord, you’ll know what it is!

 Have a fantastic holiday weekend and as always, happy organizing!
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