Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Those Pesky Resolutions

My apologies for my brief hiatus.  We are in the process of adopting and it has monopolized the majority of my time.

Here we are three weeks into the month of January and how are those resolutions?  Not started yet?  Feel like you already failed and have given up?  Doing well?  Wherever you are, take heart very few people follow through with resolutions.  Why is it you ask, is this the case? Because just like we add too many tasks to our to do list, we usually make too many resolutions. There should only be about three resolutions on your list.  And they should be things that are attainable.  So in this post we are going to talk about how you set your priorities and how to create a realistic resolutions:

Be Realistic: 
Set mini goals instead of one great big one.  For instance, say you want to lose 70 pounds (my resolution), instead of setting this lofty goal, break it down into smaller goals. "In Jaunary I want to lose 5 pounds."  That way you will not set yourself up to fail because the task is too great.

Keep it Simple: 
Setting a goal that is too difficult leads to frustration and a destines you to fail, which often result in people not following through on their goals.  It's difficult enough for the average person to follow through on one ambitious New Year's resolution; why on earth would you set yourself with three or four that cannot be done? Choose the most pressing issue at hand, and concentrate on that. Trying to do everything at once practically guarantees failure across the board.

Stay Motivated:
Many people fail to meet their resolutions or have a minor slip up, and then decide to give up and it's just not going to work. Life happens and most people cannot completely live up to any goal. Successful aren't the perfect, but they are persistant.

Make your resolutions for yourself:
Do not make your resoluyions because you feel pressure from others. This is will like sabatage your efforts and cause you to not achieve it.  Do what you feel you need to improve on and do not allow outside influences to dicate what your personal goals are.  You will be more likely to complete your resolution and be better off as an individual for taking charge of your own self improvement.

Happy New Year all, hope this year is your best year yet!
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