Thursday, October 30, 2008

Find Everything You Need When You Need It, Get Everything Done When It's Due. (Tip No. 6)

Many people think that getting organized is about being neat and tidy. On the contrary, a person who is not very neat or tidy can be very organized. Being organized actually entails 'finding everything you need when you need it, and getting everything done when it's due.' If you can master these two things, you are well on your way to being organized.

OK all you ladies out there who think my house is clean and tidy every minute I have news for you: My house is not perfect! But, I feel like I have achieved for the most part finding everything I need when I need it. This is simply being disciplined enough to have a home for everything and returning it to that home after you use it. It's achievable!
As far as getting everything done when it's due, that can apply to not only bills, it should apply to returning library books, DVDs, and anything that has to be done or taken back on a specific date, should have a designated home even if it is temporary.

The other thing I find helps is when I put things in a certain place, I make it easy for someone else to find it. So if my husband or son needs masking tape or file folders or refill staples, their is a specific home for each of these items. It does not happen overnight, if you are consistent, it will happen!


Thursday, October 23, 2008

Think Quality Over Quantity (Tip No. 5)

Clutter and chaos go hand in hand. The more things you have, the easier it is for clutter to form and grow. Always remember to place your emphasis on quality over quantity. In other words, it's not important to have a lot of things, many of which you never use. It's more beneficial to have fewer things, all of which you use and/or enjoy. Simplify your life and you will get and stay organized!

For instance, yesterday, I went through a bunch of my 6 year old's toys. He just had a birthday and had received some fun new toys. So we worked together and I gave him two options; Keep or Give Away. I had to coax him on a few decisions but mostly he made the decisions on his own. He knows that these items go to charity for kids that do not have as much as he does.

We got rid of about 20 cars, a couple of trains, and a few other items that he said he really didn’t want anymore or didn’t play with it. I then took him with me to donate the items so he could see where the items went and how the process works. Teaching him this life skill will hopefully help him to always purge when he receives something new.

The more regular you are about doing this, the easier it will get for your children. The tears will end (some won't cry at all), and you will also teaching them another great life skill; giving to those who are less fortunate.

In these tough economic times, those of us who have excess (and most of us do), can help those who are less fortunate by choosing quality over quantity.

Thursday, October 16, 2008

The Nightly Ten Minute Blitz (Tip No. 4)

This is a similar tip to the “go backs©,” bin but you use it in your home.

We all know at the end of the day there are toys, shoes, laundry, papers, books, etc., to be put away. I make a conscious effort to try (I don’t always succeed) to have a picked-up house when I got to bed. It makes mornings so much easier! For a long time I found myself gathering things up in my arms to the point of dropping things just to avoid making multiple trips when putting things away. Weary of all the trips I was making, I devised my own system of putting things away in a faster more efficient manner.

My brother calls this “the ten minute blitz,” (thanks Mike!). It really it only takes about that many minutes to have things put away for bedtime.

So say there's a little mess in every room? Take a laundry basket into the living room and put in everything that belongs someplace else, then move on to the dining room or kitchen. Take out everything that belongs in that room, put it away and pick up items that go someplace else. Do this in every room in your home. If you have multiple levels, go level by level, thus making the trips up and down the stairs less of a hassle. Two trips around and everything should be back in order. Get the kids involved (my son loves helping me, he thinks it is a game).Then when you wake up in the morning you can start your day with a clean slate.

Thursday, October 9, 2008

When you get out of Bed; Make it! (Tip No. 3)

This tip is more psychological than anything and it's a tip I learned from my amazing Mom (thanks Mom!).

We all have days where we feel we have done NOTHING productive the entire day. In reality we have probably done more than we want to believe, it just doesn't feel like it. This is where
making your bed everyday helps.

At the end of the day when you head to bed, you can go to bed knowing "at least you made the bed." I have offered this tip to many clients and every one of them has told me the same thing; Making their bed everyday makes them feel that at least they accomplished something!

I always know when my Mom has had a bad day; She tells me she didn't have time to make her bed!
So spend the 5 minutes to make your bed every day and your day will begin with something accomplished! As always, send me your comments and tell me how this has worked for you!

The 60 Second Organizing Tip (Tip No. 2)

Part of any clutter clearing is the need to make decisions about your clutter quickly. Having categories set up before you begin makes decisions about clutter easier to make. Pick one drawer or shelf in your home to begin with. Don't try to tackle an entire closet or dresser in your home. Simply pick one small unit to practice with. Sort the items into 5 piles.

1. Give Away
2. Sell
3. Store
4. Keep
5. Trash

Throw away the trash. Box up the storage items. Box up your donation and sales items. Only put the keep items back in their proper places.

Accomplishing one small area of your home can give yourself the confidence to do more. Try to make your decisions quickly and you will be less likely to hang on to something you don't need. Make sure to maintain the organization of that one clutter free space.
Good luck and happy sorting!

Friday, October 3, 2008

The "GO BACKS©" Bin (Tip No. 1)

This is one of my most FAVORITE organizing tools! I use this exact bin and its from All you busy Mom's out there, this keeps the clutter from becoming chaos!

So here's what you do (see below)!

Create a “GO BACKS©” bin, store it near your front door, or the door you come in and out of most, or in your car for the following things:

· Friend’s toys/clothing that are left behind.
· DVDs / Videos that need to be returned.
· Library Books.
· Small Items to give to Good Will.
· Newspaper or magazines that need to be recycled.
· Letters to be mailed
· Bank deposits
· Items that need to returned to a store.
· The uses are endless!

It also comes in handy once you have finished your errands and the bin is empty, you then remove all items that don’t belong in your car (toys, shoes, socks backpacks, food, etc),at the end of the day. This eliminates kid’s school papers, bank receipts and other things that may come up missing. Thus cutting down on the “I can’t find this,” common syndrome.

So, pick a bin, basket or whatever kind of container that suits your personality and get started, you won't believe you ever lived with out it!

Plus, send me your comments and tell me how it has helped you!

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